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May- Aug 2018

Before heading out I like to know what the weather will be like for the day. If any rain is forecasted I better bring my jacket, or if it's going to be very hot I better leave my sweater at home. With this weather station I wanted to have all info displayed on a screen that's always on.

The brains of the station are a Raspberry Pi 3, with a temperature sensor connected. Using this sensor and the OpenWeatherMaps API the station always knows inside and outside temperature, but also forecasts, rainfall, sunset time and much more for the rest of the day and even the entire week. The information is displayed on 6 8x8 LED matrices that are daisy chained together. The station also has a light sensor built in to disable the screen when the room gets to dark, so the screen doesn't stay on during the night. All data is also logged to an SQLite databank.

Furthermore the station has an expandable page system. This system functions as a menu that can be navigated with the rotary encoder ontop of the enclosure. This way an infinite amount of pages can be shown, each with different information like the min and max temperatures of the day and when they will be reached or settings pages to shutdown or reboot the Pi.
This project could be expanded a lot more, like info about rainfall or a page with a clock, but of course I'd have to find some more time for this.

All code for this project can be found on the Raspberry Pi Weatherstation GitHub repository.

Photo of the completed weatherstation
Photo of the insides of the weatherstation