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Jan - Mar 2017

The Tronkade is a custom made arcade cabinet built for Jeugdhuis Tronk. The cabinet uses a Raspberry Pi that runs Retropie. The idea originated from an annual retro game competition in Jeugdhuis Tronk, held during the local fair.

It all started a couple of years earlier with a simple setup using Retropie and a wireless Xbox controller. Later on I made an arcade controller, which was a wooden box with a joystick and arcade buttons in it. After this the ambition to make a full-size cabinet was born.

I seriously underestimated the amount of work this would take, certainly because this was my first real wood working project. The final product is definitely one I'm very proud of though.

A step-by-step build log of the entire arcade cabinet is available on Imgur.

Tronkade arcade cabinet
arcade controller
arcade cabinet being built
the insides of the arcade from behind