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_Soldering Station

Feb 2019

To make my life easier and safer while soldering I decided to make an all-in-one soldering station, inspired by I Like To Make Stuff and Punished Props Academy.

The station is basically a wooden box with a drawer to store all soldering materials and tools. There are three bendable arms that have a clamp at the end to hold components and one with a light at its end. At the back of the station are two fans to suck out toxic fumes into a carbon filter. Lastly there's a silicone mat underneath the soldering surface to prevent solder to stick to the wood or damage it.

The entire thing is powered by a 12V plug and has separate switches to control the fans and light. It can also fold together to take up less space.

Photo of the completed soldering station
Photo of the soldering station while it's folded