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Apr - Mar 2023

While building my Virtual Pinball machine I also played it from time to time. For this, digital recreations of pinball machines can be downloaded. The people that create these digital versions often spent 100s of hours on it to make the 3D models, textures and code behind it.

These recreations are often upgrades after several years, as virtual pinball standards are continuously evolving. The best example of this is V-Pin Workshop (for which I made the official website). They currently make the highest quality and most realistic recreations. I'm very grateful for their hard work, so I wanted to contribute.

I chose to bring "No Fear" up to modern standards with the help of the VPW Team, as the most recent digital version dated from 4 years prior. I learned some basic VBScript to upgrade the code, sound and lighting, and learned to work with Visual Pinball X to improve the textures and models.

The No Fear recreation can be found on VPUniverse. It currently has close to 4000 downloads!

The 2019 version: Playfield of the digital No Fear recreation from 2019
The 2023 version: Playfield of the digital No Fear recreation from 2023