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_Alarm Clock

Aug 2017 - Jan 2018

This project is the one that sparked my passion for electronics, Raspberry Pi and Arduino. It was the very first project I made, thanks to a Raspberry I got as a gift. I wanted to improve my life with this Raspberry and thought about all kinds of different things. I concluded that waking up could be a lot more pleasant.

The solution I came up with was an alarm clock that has a library of nature sounds like birds, rain, flowing water and wind. It picks random sounds and layers them one by one with increasing volume.

The device is controlled through a PHP-powered web interface that communicates with a Python script. Since this was my first electronics project, the code isn't clean at all. I'd like to make a second version of this project with an Arduino or ESP8266 since a Raspberry is way to overpowered for this.

All code can be found on the Python Alarm Clock GitHub repository

Photo of the completed alarm clock